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Ti-Swiss Army Knife Scales 58mm - Fullered

Ti-Swiss Army Knife Scales 58mm - Fullered

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Titanium Swiss Army Knife Scales - 58mm - Fullered

Precision made, replacement titanium billet, handle scales designed to specifically retrofit our favorite 58mm SAK, the "Mini Champ". These high grade premium scales are press fit permanent replacements for the factory plastic scales. Carefully machined on a CNC, these titanium scales are a premium upgrade mod. Featuring our dive-watch grade GID dot inlay and our signature fullered pattern in the scales.


The SAK Mini Champ is our favorite 58mm model. The assortment of tools are very useful on a daily basis and an ideal supporting, mini multi-tool to your primary carry folder. You might find yourself using this SAK more often than your primary folder. From the Phillips driver to the pen, those are some of the tools you'll find yourself using more than you think. Level up and upgrade the Mini Champ with our excellent titanium replacement scales. These are intended as a permanent DIY replacement for the factory scales. These are precisely machined to match the brass ferrules of a 58mm SAK and should easily snap-to-fit into place by hand, or vice or clamps with a piece of leather to pad the jaws. We highly recommend a tiny dab of super glue gel inside each pocket of the titanium scales. DO NOT over glue as you may potentially glue the pen slot shut.


Install with caution, know what you are doing, know how to operate your tools safely. Modification of your 58mm type SAK are done so at your own risk.


  • 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Strontium Aluminate in Polymer Resin
  • Height: 58mm
  • Width: 14.05mm
  • Thickness: 2.7mm / 4mm
  • Weight approx 0.4oz
  • 5 Fullers on Both Sides
  • Dive-Watch Grade Glow Dot Inlay
  • Slot for Factory Tweezers and Factory retractable pen
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